TUS: Prologue

“Please. Please put the gun down,” the stout man begged, a thin layer of sweat beading his forehead as he stared at the gun aimed at him. He sat helplessly on the floor of his bedroom, clutching his arm where she’d shot him. It had all come so unexpectedly. The sultry young woman who had promised him an unforgettable night  had suddenly turned into evil incarnate.

“No,” leered the girl holding the gun. Hazel eyes blazed with a fury so dark it made even him quake in fear. She glanced down at the blood seeping through his fingers from the wound she had inflicted and her lips turned up slightly in a self-satisfied smirk.

“Why are you doing this? Is it for  money? I’ll give you all the money you want and more,” the man said frantically. Surely this young 20 something year old would accept a pay off. It had to be what she was after and not his actual life- oh so he hoped.

“You disgust me Henry,” the girl spat, “Throwing money at all your problems as if that will make them magically disappear. Well I’m not going anywhere and I don’t want your money. All I want is to see you choking on your own guts,” she said menacingly as she pushed the barrel of the gun onto the bridge of his nose.

“I’ll do anything you want, just put the gun down, please,” Henry whimpered. He was losing so much blood and the sight of it alone was enough to make him dizzy. The girl laughed raucously at his plea, brown hair bouncing off her shoulders. Henry shivered again at the stone cold sound falling from her lips.

“If they could see you now, the mighty Henry Bandieer pleading for his life,” she taunted him.

“What did I do to make you hate me so much?” Henry choked out, “I don’t even know who you are.”

“But you should and yet you don’t and that’s why we’re here,” said the girl.

“Tell me who you are,” Henry said.

“Take a close look Henry. I’m the girl who’s going to kill you tonight,” she said in a sing-song voice with a menacing smile as she moved her face closer to Henry’s. Henry looked at her filled with fear and confusion.

“You don’t have to…” Henry began but the gun went off before he could finish his plea. The girl had swiftly moved the gun from his head to his heart and ended his life swiftly with the mere pull of a trigger.

She turned and left the room walking freely out of the house. A black sedan awaited her at the gate driven by a dark haired boy. He gave her a questioning look when she had settled down and she answered only with a nod and a smile and he turned his eyes back to the road and drove away into the night, the smile on his face mirroring hers.


2 hours later, at the Bandieer home……

“Are you feeling better now Max?” said a woman walking with a dark haired boy as they entered the mansion.

“Yes mum,” Max said.

“The air must have helped then. Where did you go?” Mrs Bandieer asked.

“I just walked around outside,” Max replied. “The house is quite empty,” he added hastily.

“Your father said he was having a poker night with a couple of friends so he didn’t want anyone around,” Mrs Bandieer said as they climbed the stairs.

“Poker night,” Max scoffed, “That’s just code for he’s bringing his latest inappropriately young girlfriend home and doesn’t want any disturbances-or witnesses.”

“Maxwell, he’s still your father. Have some respect,” Mrs Bandieer scolded.

“Whatever mum. I’m going to bed, goodnight,” Max said turning to his room.

“Goodnight Max,” Mrs Bandieer sighed sending up a silent plea that the animosity between her son and husband would somehow cease to exist. She opened the door to the bedroom she shared with her husband and was immediately assaulted by a putrid smell. She switched on the light and her eyes fell on the bloody mess that was her dead husband lying on the floor. Her heartbroken scream was the last thing she was aware of before she fell to the ground, unconscious.


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