TUS: 1. Once upon a time

The Pinehive police are working tirelessly to find the murderer of media mogul, Henry Bandieer who was found shot dead in his home a week ago. No official news of any solid leads has been released to the public. Meanwhile, Pinehive has to come to terms with the fact that a killer lives among us…”

“The media should have a little consideration for the Bandieer family. ” said a brunette girl who was sitting on a couch watching the news.

“The journalists are doing their jobs Natasha, you can’t really hold it against them,” an older woman said to the brunette girl.

“Still, they should just wait till they have actual news rather than tell us there’s nothing to tell every day,” argued Natasha.

“If they didn’t say anything, people would get worried at the lack of news,” Natasha’s mother said joining her on the couch and changing the channel.

“Haven’t you heard that no news is good news?” Natasha said sarcastically, “Besides, people are worried either way.”

“Yes. Realizing that there’s an actual killer in our quiet little town is definitely worrying,” her mother said biting her lip pensively.

“Anything interesting happen at work today?” Natasha asked digging into her food.

“I don’t know about interesting…maybe weirdly sad?” her mother said cocking her head to the side.

“What do you mean?”

“Well there was a woman who took her husband to court because he hasn’t slept with her for the past 3 years, 2 weeks and 6 days. And she cried in court and begged that her husband be sentenced to “bed arrest” so he could fulfill his husband-ly duties,” her mother told her.

Natasha’s eyes widened and she burst out laughing. “So did you do that?”

“Oh Heavens no, thank goodness it wasn’t my case or I would have felt quite uncomfortable ordering a man to have sex with his wife! Judge Andros took that case. I’m only taking criminal cases now and there aren’t many of those in Pinehive which is why I spend most of my time in the capital instead,” her mother replied dabbing at her lips with her napkin, having finished her meal.

“Stick around, I hear there’s a serial killer in town.” Natasha rolled her eyes and stood to clear the dishes. Before her mother could comment on her sarcastic remark, the doorbell rang.

“Expecting company?” she asked her mother as she went over to see who was at the door.

“No but it’s Saturday, people just drop in,” her mother shrugged.

Three men stood at the door when Natasha opened it. A policeman and two men wearing suits, lawyers she assumed. It wasn’t surprising, given her mum’s position as state judge, visits from lawyers and policemen were regular.

“Good evening. Are you Natasha Evans?” one of the tall men in a suit asked her. She studied his face, a look of seriousness etched on it making his blue eyes appear sharper. He raised an eyebrow and it disappeared, hidden by a tendril of brown hair that had fallen over his forehead. There was no way this man was a lawyer. He didn’t look as stiff as most of the lawyers that had been here before, sporting sleek, well-tamed hair without a single thing out of place. Blue eyes’ tie was crooked as if he had pulled at the knot tying it in place to loosen it. But if he wasn’t a lawyer…

“Do you not understand English?” he asked interrupting her wayward train of thought. She stared at him blankly, having momentarily forgotten what he asked her.

What was he talking about? Oh right, he asked her a question and she had distracted herself with the internal debate of whether or not he was a lawyer and forgotten to answer him.

“Yes. I’m Natasha Evans,” she said and blue-eyes nodded grimly.

“I’m Detective Henderson and this is Detective Carter and Officer Davidson,” he said. Yep, not a lawyer.

“Natasha Evans you are under arrest on suspicion of the murder of Henry Bandieer.”


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