The Untold Story

Everything is hectic right now and I hardly have time to write or make any more progress on my #selfchallenge but I feel bad just abandoning all my writing platforms so I’ve decided to share a story I wrote a long time ago here. It’s not a short story like most of my blog posts so I’m going to post a chapter at a time. I’ll post three times a week and I’ll try to keep the posts consistent so the next 2 posts which are coming in a few minutes will be the prologue and the first chapter of The Untold Story.

In the meantime here’s the featured image for the story and a short description.


The untold story,  a story about Natasha Evans, loving daughter and friend-sweet kind and loved by all. At one point she has a normal life; a full scholarship to the  best law school in the state, a loving mother and the world’s greatest best friend. Until a twist of fate finds her as a key murder suspect. Could she be hiding a serial character beneath her innocent persona or is someone determined to destroy her?


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