Dear Vampire Diary…

I just finished watching the series finale (as in there will never ever be another episode of it ever again) of Vampire Diaries and felt the need for some inky solace. I normally don’t do episode reviews but tonight I’m feeling epic (see what I did there TVD fans?) so here’s hoping I don’t suck at it lol.

The last 43 minutes and 24 seconds were the worst and best moments of my t.v watching life. Never have I ever had my emotions tossed around this much (except maybe when I watched episode 10 of the third season of Jane the virgin which I am still in denial about and shall never speak about ever again!).

I was on an emotional roller coaster throughout the episode

Image result for rollercoaster gif

Minus the smile of course because let’s be real, this is Vampire Diaries.
Image result for not smiling meme


I was sad that the show was ending after 8 emotionally (and possibly mentally) traumatizing seasons so naturally I started out the episode on a low.

Image result for rocking in corner gif

The big bad boogey man was gone but of course a worse villain (I still have queries about how she was worse. Like where have they been for the last seven seasons?) took his place and everything went to hell again (hahaha funny how that is actually quite literal!) And of course our favorite heroes were trying to save the day (hmm maybe they shouldn’t be called heroes seeing as how they continually fail to actually save the day and manage to somehow spectacularly make everything worse but I digress).

Image result for you cannot defeat me

My heroe *slowclaps*

As with all things Mystic falls, there was a “gas leak” and an emergency evacuation all in a bid to get everyone away from that hell hole (again, quite literal). The best (and ultimately heart-wrenchingly worst) thing about this episode was that I got to live out 8 seasons worth of memories (well sort of. If I got everything I’m pretty sure I would be dead from the second hand grief thrown at me all at once. This show is one of the saddest shows in existence! (this coming from a girl who watches Supernatural).

I stared at the screen for five minutes when it was over and all the credits had rolled, just crying. Endings are hard (especially to write). Some stories end well, some quite badly but TVD’s ending was just…epic. It was beautiful and sad and amazing. I just don’t have the words. I’m sad the story has ended but I’m glad they are getting a break from all the monster chasing and having a normal-ish life. The directors really did an amazing job with the story right up to the end.

And I will forever love them; fangs, claws, spells, curses, hell bells, “gas-leaks” and all. Forever.


Gonna need a lot of therapy to get through this though.

Oh look, a kitty band

Image result for cute cat animated gif

I feel so much better now!






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