Pint by bloody pint

Her sneaker covered feet pounded hard on the pavement as she ran. She was almost out of breath but there was no way she was stopping. He’d catch her for sure and then she’d be done for. She’d been running for almost ten minutes now. Surely he’d given up on her and gone in search of better prey. Sweat-drenched meat can’t be at all enticing, especially if you have to chase it down. Her feet slowed of their own accord. Her mind might want her to keep going but her body couldn’t. She risked a glance backwards and saw…no-one. Nothing but darkness met her gaze. There wasn’t a single being in sight, living or undead.

Relief flooded her body and she slowed down to a jog. She threw another glance behind her but only emptiness met her. Her body bumped into someone and she turned her head back to see who it was. Or more appropriately, what. The apology she had meant to deliver for the collision caught in her throat as she came face to face with him.

“Please. Please,” she begged. He laughed, a bone-chilling sound that sucked all life out of her soul. Cruel black eyes stared coldly back at her and the moment she said the words he pushed her against a nearby electricity pole and his mouth opened wide revealing long fangs. He swooped down on her neck and the long, sharp fangs pierced her soft flesh. Loud, slurping sounds followed as he sucked the blood out of her, pint by bloody pint. Any passer-by would have thought they were lovers embracing from the way they stood. It looked romantic even, the way he held her in his arms, pressing her against the pole, slightly tilted back under the light of the full moon. 

The vampire’s movements became frenzied and he tore into her flesh like a crazed animal leaving strings of it hanging off her bones…

Lydia ran out of the cinema panting heavily. She only stopped for a second before sprinting to her car and high tailing it out of there, all the while looking into her rear view mirror, half expecting a vampire to pop up out of nowhere. Once she reached the comfort of her brightly lit home she started breathing normally and her fears seemed silly under the 20 watt lights. She went upstairs and joined her husband in bed.

“I am never doing that again,” she said as she slipped under the covers and snuggled against him with her back to him.

“Watching a scary movie on Friday the 13th?” Charles asked putting an arm over her waist.

“Watching a scary movie, period. I never even finished the movie. The blood. It was too much for my fragile heart.” She shivered and he held her closer, dipping his head to whisper in her ear.

“But don’t you know. The endings are the best part.” Charles laughed, a hollow laugh that sounded vaguely familiar.

“Are you okay honey? Your voice sounds weird.” Lydia turned to lie on her back and look up at Charles who was smiling eerily.

“Now how about that ending?”

Lydia looked at him puzzled. His mouth opened wide and a second later, fangs pierced her neck, cutting the scream off before she could even let it out. She struggled against him but he held on, pushing his fangs deeper and deeper into her until she lay still on the bed. Dead. Once he’d had his fill, he lifted his head and looked down on her lifeless face, brushing a strand of her golden hair away from her forehead. A ghost of a smile appeared on his blood stained lips as he looked down at his latest kill.

“And scene.”


It’s Friday the 13th! Ahhhhh (well technically it’s almost over where I’m from but I couldn’t let the day pass by without posting something here). This short story was inspired by my mum who used to love going to cinemas. She told me of this one movie special she went to see on a Friday the 13th some years ago where she got so spooked she wanted to run out screaming halfway through the movie haha.

It’s amazing how much superstition is associated with this particular day, mostly about bad luck and death. Some of them are downright hilarious. Did you know there’s even a word for a phobia of the day “Friday the 13th?” I kid you not! It’s paraskavedekatriaphobia. What a mouthful! Like I’m going to go around saying “hey, I have parasasketchwan; sorry paraskandanivian.” Arghhh I can’t even get the damn word right and I’m staring right at it! Honestly if you just run around screaming “It’s Friday the 13th!” people will get the point (No promises on the monsters though, they’ll probably think it’s invitation to play catch the running meat).


No need to break your tongue trying to use a fancy word (Or your legs trying to run away; monsters will catch you. They always do).

Anyway, this is totally a cop-out but I might as well use this as my piece for the #Paranormal genre for my #SelfChallenge. I’ll write a longer one (maybe) with scarier monsters (hmm, yeah no way) sometime soon (probably never). So there’s that to look forward to!

To all paraska-whatsits (someone should invent a shorter version of the actual word for I fear I will never get it right) out there, two more hours then you can get out of your beds, walk under ladders and cuddle that ominous stray black cat that seems to love your yard a lot today and not worry about any bad luck befalling you.

Or should you?



Okay, seriously I’m going to stop now before this is a repeat of a certain very sleep-drunken and highly regretted, ultimately most insane post I made here a while back haha.


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