Thank you!

I’ve always meant to,

But somehow constantly forget,

To say a big THANK YOU!

For taking time to read, like and comment.
Goodness knows I surely don’t deserve,

The time your keen eyes take to observe,

My insane rantings strung into stories,

For which this blog I have reserved.
Lest I forget once more,

A special thanks for the blog follows,

I only hope for the sake of my followers,

That my InsomniacMadness is not contagious!


Sooo this is a 2-in-1 special. Something short for the Poetry genre (wait is that what it’s called? I sure hope so) of my #SelfChallenge and at the same time to say thank you to everyone who takes time to go through my blog, like, comment and follow. It means the world to me! I love all 11 (it’s a small number but to me its absolutely amazing and you’re my FantasticEleven haha because it means at least 11 people don’t think I’m entirely insane and what I write is worth reading…That or they’re as insane as me haha.

Anyway thank you and thank you again!


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