I’m a good girl, I am.

Is it too late now to say:


I am such a liar, lool. In my last post I committed myself to exploring all genres of writing and posting a story on each genre every week and its been 2 weeks, no post. I know what you’re thinking:

you suck

And I probably deserve that. I’m going to try my very best to follow up on the promises I made but I won’t adhere to the deadline I had set because sometimes I just don’t have a story in my head and sometimes there’s just so many of them clamoring to get out and I get a headache trying to sort through the mess and choose the sensible idea (and then sometimes the one I think is sensible just ends in writer’s block, 1 page in and then I have to re-select another idea haha, sucks to be me right?)

So again, like the Biebs said: I’m sorryyyyyyy. And Au revoir!

P.S Yaay I finished a post without mentioning food!

P.S.S Arghh crap, I just mentioned food.

P.S.S.S Oops! I did it again.

I give up, but you know what:

life is short




  1. Hi,

    I know this feeling so well! Sometimes we create artificial deadlines for ourselves that foil our writing instead of fueling it. I once heard Junot Diaz speak and asked him what advice he had for budding writers. Here’s what
    he said, “Be kind to yourself. Writing is hard work.” Thanks for being so
    honest about something we all struggle with.

    Write on,

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