Dora the explorer…

Cliche as this may sound, I’ve always been a chick flick kinda girl so I always read chick flick novels (with the exception of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five, Secret Seven and Five Find-outers as well as Caroline Keene’s Nancy Drew series) and I watched chick flick movies, up until recently when mon petit ami introduced me to action movies. Granted I still find some of it a little too action-y for me but I’ve found that I enjoy diversity, as much as I enjoy variety in my meals and this has trickled into my writing life.

Three best friends (3bf) was 95% a chick flick with a little bit of action in it and I enjoyed writing it so much that all the other stories written after that were chick-flicks too until i turned 17. Then I started yearning to explore other genres and I started a story about crime, murder, blood etc with a little bit of chick-flickness in it. After that I wrote a science fiction story and a flash-fiction, the latter of which I posted on this site and I really, really enjoyed writing in a new genre.

Hence an epiphany was begat. I am challenging myself to Dora-The-Explorer my way through every writing genre in existence over the next couple of months. I will write a short story and post it on this site every Sunday evening with the tag  #Explorer and a sub-tag that will indicate which genre I’ll be posting about e.g for thriller the sub-tag will be #Thriller etc. I’m absolutely looking forward to it! So here’s to exploring the writing world:

I'll eat to that

P.S: Is it me or does every post I write mention food and eating? You’re probably thinking this shouldn’t be an author site after all. But anyway, all I can say to that is:

eating makes me happy

Yep, that just sums it up lool.




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