It takes a village…

I’m always one for teamwork (maybe because I’m such a lazy ass and the work load is less when there’s more people to pull the weight haha) but honestly I believe there can only be success when you work as a team and three people who helped me appreciate this are my wonderful, wonderful mum (Mrs L. Mawire) and two of my awesome friends Alex and Dean.

I never fully appreciated the hard work that goes into writing a story until I started an endeavor that required a story of 17 000 words with a one month deadline. There were a lot of tears, tonnes of sleepless nights, a plethora of tantrums (mostly on my part- I know, I’m ashamed of me too) and some precious celebratory moments. Needless to say, I could not have gotten through this with my sanity intact if it were not for my “village.”

Alex and Dean were my very scrutinizing and brutally thorough editors and they each provided a different element to the story. So where Alex was the Chief of love and all things candy-coated, Dean was the Chief of adventure and war and I was the Village Head who brought the balance (also because I have the biggest head of us three!). And mum, as all mum’s do was there to wipe away the tears, bring comfort food and celebrate each milestone with a dance and a super duper song.

Writing was hard but the editing honestly almost drove me mad! I found out that the word count provided by the Microsoft Word application isn’t the word count that is used which meant that according to their calculations I was over the limit by almost 2000 words (7 pages) and I had to find a way to cut down. Uhhm what?!


So I read and re-read the same story (all 17 000 words of it) SIX TIMES!!!! I haven’t even repeated my favorite books that many times before but I had to read this six times (3 times in 1 day on one occasion) just to straighten out issues like grammar, spelling, cutting down words etc. Honestly at the end of round six I was drained and I didn’t even want to read a road sign but when I finally, finally, finally reached the required limit I was euphoric! My village was so proud of me for doing all this and finishing it way before the deadline. I mean, who’s the man?



Yes, yes I am (takes a bow).

But I just really want to say thank you to my village for everything and I am forever grateful to the Lord for giving me this village.

I’m going to take a much needed break from writing for a while and go eat some noodles brought by mum to celebrate submission!!! (My village is faithful to the very end lool).




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