Here? No…There

A new character in a story is hard work and can be both extremely exciting and bone-shatteringly terrifying (mostly to the author, not so much the readers unless you know it’s some crazy vampire slash lochness monster). The new character ,lets refer to him (wait is it even a him or a her?? See what I mean about a lot of hard work), as Newbie, so…Newbie comes with a world of opportunities. Newbie can be the big bad villain:


(owkayyy scratch big)- small, bad villain is more appropriate for the fella up there)

Or the Hero that saves the day:


Either way, a writer’s greatest work is finding a place for a new character in a story.

Does Newbie fit here?

Or maybe over there?

No, Newbie was definitely better off there.

But maybe if I change this then Newbie can fit in here?

Arggghhh forget this (Deleting Newbie).

2 pages later…

Ohmygosh! Newbie would have been purrrfectttt here! (Undo Delete!)

This is my thought process when I’m introducing a character into a story (or more accurately the deranged half of my thought process. The other half is more orderly and sane with a whole bunch of lists, I promise).

This part of writing drives me up a wall and I start asking myself these questions (not in this particular order)

  1. Why the hell did I start writing this story?
  2. Who even came up with the idea of writing? (I hate them).
  3. Why do I suck at writing?
  4. Why didn’t I just stick to reading other people’s stories?

But when I finally get that light bulb moment and find a perfect place for Newbie:


The following thoughts run through my mind (again, not necessarily in this order)

  1. I should have started writing this story a gabillion years ago (it’s AMAZING!).
  2. Whoever came up with the idea of creative writing is an absolute genius (I love them)
  3. Maybe my writing isn’t so sucky after all.
  4. I’m never reading anyone else’s stories but mine!

So….Newbie please bear with me when I move you around, delete you entirely, re-add you and put you through a hell’a lot of trauma. I’m just trying to figure out; do you fit perfectly here? No…There.



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