Backstory blues

“Do you know what happened to your parents?” Carl asked me. I blinked stupidly at him.

“You know they died when I was a baby. Some freak accident, but I survived,” I said.

Carl shook his head. “They didn’t die in an accident Cat, they were killed but when their killer tried to get rid of you they lost all their powers.”

Pause. Wait a minute, this sounds like Harry Potter. Argghhh, backspace.

This is basically me when I’m writing a character’s backstory (this actually happened to me at 1 am and I was so frustrated that I was ready to pull my hair out!). A million stories float around in my head and I write down the first one I can grasp clearly. 50% of the time it sounds like a story I’ve read somewhere else and the other 50% are great original ideas that are all my own. Sometimes it takes a while for me to sort through all the ideas, find the best and develop it (it’s like rocket science but a lot harder) and other times it takes literally no time at all (easy as rolling out of bed!) Sometimes I get distracted by thoughts of an entirely different story or in this case, thoughts of what to post on my blog😁.

In any case, the whole point of this was to remind me or whoever else happens to bump into this blog that a great backstory won’t always come with the snap of your fingers and it’s worth it to type out the crappy one that sounds like a poorly written re-incarnation of Harry Potter’s backstory and hit the backspace button afterwards until your fingers get numb because that way you flush out all the ideas that won’t work and leave room for the next great idea to grow in your mind.
#love4backspace #HarryPotter #Backstory #InsomniacWriterMadness


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